At Kreek Send, our promise is to over-deliver.

We believe that messaging should be as exciting as conversations with a lover. From amazingly creative templates to powerful technologies that ensure that your messages get delivered, opened, and engaged with, we do the most to ensure that your messaging grows your business.

We Understand the Assignment

In today’s digital era, the expectations of consumers who are always digitally on continues to rise. Companies have shifted focus to digital marketing and advertising campaigns to compete for the attention of consumers who are so empowered today that they expect exceptional, over-the-top experiences.

Kreek Send offers robust mobile tools and responsive templates to help your business design and manage communication via Email, SMS, and Social media. The low-cost integrated approach ensures that your business maximizes its returns on marketing. This cloud-based, cost-optimized, subscription-based communication tool will disrupt SME communication and marketing.

Because we understand the human need to connect with multiple people at the same time, we support occasional bulk messaging.

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Send up to 15,000 emails/month, upload up to 3,000 contacts



Send up to 20,000 emails/month, upload up to 4,500 contacts



Send up to 40,000 emails/month, upload up to 10,000 contacts

$15 /month


Send up to 100,000 emails/month, upload up to 20,000 contacts


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